Kool Karts Sell Custom Golf Carts

We sell golf carts all across the Golf Coast. If you can dream it, we can build...

We Can Work with Your Organization

When you place an order with Kool Karts, our creative team works with you to add...

Durable Enough To Take On Any Adventure

Ready for that hunting trip? We build golf carts to take you anywhere you want...

Customize To Your Favorite Car Theme

We can remove the top of you cart and give it that full "car" feel. Add custom...

We Can Even Customize Your Carts' Body

Can you believe this!? Well, believe it. Kool Karts can custom mold your golf...

Not Your Traditional Golf Cart

We are not kidding when we say "if you can dream it, we can build it". We...

Infinite Possibilities

Over 24 feet long, Kool Karts holds the world record for the longest golf cart....

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Purple EZ-GO Golf Cart

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Kool Kart Parts

Want a full line of parts and accessories for you golf cart?

Kool Cushions

Want great upholstery work at a reasonable price?

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Want the best graphic designs, signs, and banners?